Creative Elements

From a creative writing perspective, Will Grayson, Will Grayson makes use of two perspectives that alternate between chapters.  The odd-numbered chapters follow Tiny Cooper’s friend Will Grayson, while the even-numbered chapters follow the troubled will grayson.  By switching perspectives constantly, the authors allow the reader to view the same world through vastly different people.  This is particularly interesting when the pornography shop scene is described by the first Will Grayson, then switched over to the other will grayson.  The reader realizes that they are going to meet, and the alternate perspectives parallel how different people can view the same event in drastically different lights.

The characterization choices also contrast and complement each other in an intriguing way.  The multiple gay characters all have critical differences: Tiny likes to the center of attention, while the gay will grayson sticks to the shadows.  The same will grayson initially tends to reject others, while Gideon is shown to be warm in comparison.  However, they all show a desire to ultimately come together in friendship and love, symbolized by Tiny’s play.

What ultimately makes the novel so accessible is a combination of the unique layout of the chapters and the differing perspectives, as well as the accessibility of both the dialogue and the narration.  The dialogue, particularly on the gay will grayson’s part, is very relatable to a modern young adult audience.  The characters aren’t afraid to swear and talk informally, which can be a key factor in whether young adults in today’s society will find the characters relatable.  In a similar manner, the honest first-person dialogue is relatable in that it doesn’t censor itself.  It feels realistic.


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